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Dr. Brendan K O'Rourke

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I currently supervise the following PhDs and two of my supervisees have already earned their PhDs. 

1.  Joseph K. FitzGerald - who is researching on how economics expertise is constituted in radio news interviews

2.  Diane Tangney  (jointly supervised with Dr. Olivia Freeman) - who is looking at how experts in different domains interact creatively in Ireland's science gallery  

3. Tom Soro  (jointly supervised with Dr. Tim Stott) - who is looking at the construction of value in modern art.  

4.. Ewan McDonald (jointly supervised with   Dr. John Hogan ) - who is looking at the construction of enterprise policies in a comparative context.

5. Victoria Doyle  (jointly supervised with Dr. Olivia Freeman) - who is looking at the discourse of online crowd-funding pitches.

I am interested in supervising further postgraduate researcher  that make similar good matches with my own research. 

With Dublin Institute of Technology I am very lucky to have worked with a variety of great colleagues  many of them involved in the Discourse Analysis Group and the Business, Society and Sustainability Research Centre Currently I work closely with Dr. John Hogan  (an expert in political science and policy analysis) and with Dr. Sharon Feeney (an expert in higher education policy analysis).